Food Microbiology

Marsil labs is equipped with a fully functioning microbiology laboratory that can assist with shelf-life studies, spoilage organisms, bacterial identification, indicator organisms and pathogen detection.

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Water Qaulity Testing

We provide potable water testing for both industries and private home owners and assist with water sample collection as well submission to the laboratory

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Bacteria/Microorganism Identification

Marsil lab now offers routine bacterial ID to the genus or species level using Cultural and Biochemical assays.

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Duodenoscope Bacteria Testing

Marsil Laboratories provides microbiological testing for reprocessed duodenoscopes. Periodic or routine surveillance sampling and culturing of reprocessed duodenoscopes if implemented successfully will provide early detection of potential problems.

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Water testing bac(T)

Marsil Laboratories is now accredited by the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality (ODEQ) to meet your test needs. Bacteriological testing performed at our lab detects the presence/absence of Total coliform and E.coli bacteria.

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Environmental Testing

We provide laboratory testing support to environmental companies, construction, consulting and engineering firm. We offer accurate analysis of sediment, portable water, waste water, frac water, spill water and soil testing.

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Mold Testing

Marsil laboratories now offers fungal direct examination using microscopy in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Fungal direct exam can be performed on impaction spore traps such as Micro 5, Air-O-Cell, swabs, tape lifts, Allergenco etc.. We offer culturable and non-culturable analysis

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Algal Toxins Analysis

Marsil Laboratories offers analytical services for Algal identification, Enumeration, and Algal Toxins Analysis. For rapid screening Marsil lab utilizes EPA Method 546 for microcystins.

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Pharmaceutical Product Microbiology Testing

We have the capability to support safety with pharmaceutical industries using pharmacopeia methods including microbial limits testing (USP 61 and 2021), specified microorganisms (USP 62 and 2022). We can also provide validation if required.

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legionella testing -cdc elite

Marsil laboratories is now ELITE certified by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) for the detection and enumeration of Legionella bacteria using the “Gold Standard Method”, culture method.

Analysis: Detection of viable Legionella and confirmation by:

  1.  Legionella pneumophila serogroup 1
  2. Legionella pneumophila serogroup 2-15
  3. Legionella species


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Marsil Laboratories, LLC is a third party laboratory that provides training, testing, product sampling for food, water, dietary supplements and nutraceuticals as well as pharmaceutical industry. We have the capability to provide a wide range of microbiology laboratory services such as the shelf life/microbiological stability of your products, raw materials etc. We can determine if your manufacturing is free of unwanted allergens and free of microbial contamination by designing an environmental monitoring program.